Fiber Trunks

Easy To Install

CableExchangeMTP trunk spool

Our trunks significantly reduce installation time. Convenient plug and play technology saves you time and money on installation costs, while the MTP/MPO connection consolidates multiple fibers into a single connection. You can run up to 144 fibers in one trunk.

You Pick

Our fiber trunks are highly customizable and can be assembled with Berk-tek, CommScope, Corning, General, OCC, TLC and USCONEC. Pick your connectivity partner, your specific Bill of Material, and we will make your trunks to order. You choose straight or staggered breakouts available for a snug, neat fit to dress into your equipment. All CEX trunks are factory terminated, tested, and built to exceed all industry specs for DB loss.

CableExchange fiber trunk 2

Lifetime Warranty

Our fiber trunks come backed by a lifetime warranty. Our products are covered by a $5 million liability insurance policy with a Triple A Best rated company. When we say we guarantee our products for life, we mean it.

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CEX Warranty


Cable Exchange guarantees all cables, components, parts, assemblies, and labor for the life of the assembly to the original distributor or purchaser.
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