Ultra-Thin CAT6


Category 6 (Ultra-Thin) 28 AWG - UTP Patch Cords

cable exchange 28awg all colors

Cable Exchange’s Cat6 Snag-free Unshielded (UTP) ultra-thin Network Patch Cable is the perfect solution for high density datacenter applications. Use of 28 AWG wire provides a 36% reduction in diameter over a standard Cat6 network patch cable. This reduced diameter provides a smaller cable surface area which allows for increased airflow when compared to standard Cat6 cables. The 28 AWG conductors also allow this cable to have a smaller bend radius than standard Cat6 cables. The small size and small bend radius of this cable allows it to be easily routed through cable management panels.

This cable is designed for fast Ethernet networks that require bandwidth-intensive voice, data, or video distribution applications. Constructed from high quality copper cable, this design minimizes Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) levels. Available in a white, blue, green, yellow and red to easily color-code your network installation.

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Reduced cable diameter improves airflow, better bend radius and less weight and stress on connections and patch panels.