Quick Release

Quick Release

QuickRelease CEXCable Exchange uses a modular plug & play system combining backbone runners with detachable flying leads.

Description: Cable Exchange Quick Release System Runner Cable, PC/Video, Yellow, UXGA, Plenum CMP

Quick Facts: Guaranteed for life!

More Information

  • An unlimited number of configurations make Quick Release perfect for a broad range of applications.
  • Pull the backbone runner cable through conduit, walls or along ceilings and quickly connector a modular flying lead or wallplate connections on each end.
  • Need to upgrade equipment? Just change the flying lead.
  • No tools, training, splicing, or soldering required.
  • Transmit audio and video signals—including UXGA, Component, and S-Video—over a single cable.
  • Pin pitch and insulator material make the connectors virtually transparent to video signals.
  • Pulling caps prevent bent pins and protect connectors from dirt and dust.
  • Connectors are small enough to fit through a 3/4" conduit with a 90° sweep.
  • Feature 100% EMI/RFI shielding.
  • CL2-rated PVC for residential use; CMP-rated plenum for commercial applications.

Modular Connectivity

Quick Release is a complete modular audio/video cabling system. It's designed to save installation time, easily accommodate changes, and provide the reliability of factory terminations in the field. 

The foundation of Quick Release is the backbone runner, the only cable you need to pull through the walls or conduit. Each backbone runner cable is built of multiple coax and/or twisted-pair cables to carry multiple signal types, such as VGA, Composite video, S-Video, and Component video. 

Terminate your backbone runner cable with preconfigured flying leads or wall plates. The backbone runner requires flying leads on each end. Connect the flying lead directly to the back of the equipment. 

Quick Release Applications

School Classrooms · Conference rooms · Home theaters · Hospitality venues · Auditoriums · Healthcare facilities · Trade shows · Houses of worship · Airports/transportation hubs · Recreational vehicles and boats · Restaurants and retail stores · All digital signal applications