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CEX Power Cords

Color code and organize your system power cords using Cable Exchange’s line of multi-colored power cords. We stock black, blue, red, and yellow power cords in a wide selection of lengths. Our universal power cord is designed to work with most PCs, monitors, scanners, printers, and other devices. This heavy-duty 18 AWG cord is fully molded for maximum durability and long life. Clean up the clutter using cords specified to your length requirements. Get rid of zip ties, Velcro, and excess cordage.

Our power cords are the perfect replacement for those stiff ugly cords. We know the presentation of your cords and cable is a source of pride. Cable Exchange power cords are UL certified, RoHS compliant and rated to 250V.

Product Specifications

  • Jacket Rating: Standard
  • Product Color: Black, Blue, Red, Green & Yellow
  • 10 Amp, 250 Volt\SVT 3C, 18 awg
  • Rated to 105° C
  • UL listed, RoHS compliant
  • Warranty: Lifetime