Audio/Video products from Cable Exchange include everything from cables to extenders. Cable Exchange has solutions for both analog and digital audio/video signals as well as optical audio. Our products are designed to meet or exceed the limitations of audio/video signal distribution.



CEX carries a variety of Audio cable products. Audio cables include 3.5mm, stereo, mono, RCAs and an abundance of Y cables. Custom lengths and sizes are also available.



comp video 
Component Video

Cables, switches, converters, amplifiers, and extenders for connecting devices with Component Video connectors. Most commonly known by its color-code: red, blue, green, or RGB, Component Video can be found on most audio/video devices.


HDMI 2.0

Technically speaking, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a global connectivity standard developed by a consortium of major electronics manufacturers including Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Thomson (RCA), Toshiba, and Silicon Image. HDMI establishes a "future-proof" foundation for the transmission of high-definition video and multichannel audio among a wide variety of audio, video and computer products. This means there is a high-quality, single-cable, all-digital solution you can use to interconnect all the components of your entertainment system, regardless of manufacturer. And because HDMI is a two-way platform, it also means that your individual components can "talk" to each other, exchanging critical information that allows optimizations and adjustments to be made automatically for easy, trouble-free operation of multiple components.

DVI Cables

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cables are available in dual and single link configurations, multiple jacket types for in-wall installations and in lengths up to 100ft. If you need audio try our DVI-D with audio cable for a perfect picture and 3.5mm audio.




SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array or Ultra Video Graphics Array) This cable is constructed from 28 AWG wire, and is foil shielded to protect short cable runs from EMI/RFI interference. The fully molded connectors have easy-to-use extra-long thumbscrews for a fast connection. Use this cable for video presentations, classroom environments or just for organizing a work area for maximum comfort and efficiency. SVGA provides a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.