Production Capacity

Cable Exchange's estimated daily minimum production capacity is shown below:

  • Fiber connectors 7,000 per day based upon connector & cable type
  • Cat 5e connectors 2,500 per day based upon shielded or unshielded
  • Cat 6 connectors 1,000 per day based upon shielded or unshielded
  • Cat 3 telco 25 pair connectors 200 per day based upon shielded or unshielded
  • Cat 5e 25 pair connectors 200 per day 

Cable Exchange has the latest state-of-the-production equipment in both California and North Carolina. Shown below is a partial list of our ever expanding equipment base. Equipment at Cable Exchange is serviced and calibrated regularly to meet or exceed manufacturer’s requirements.

Fiber Polishing 

Cable Exchange Domaille polisher

Domaille HDC 5100 polishers

Cable Exchange polisher

Seiko Geiken SFP 550 polishers

Fiber Testing 

Cable Exchange Fluke Tester

Fluke DTX-1800 Tester

  • DORC Interferometers
  • EXPO Optical Test Systems
  • TEK-Ranger OTDR’s
  • Fluke DSP series
  • Fluke MSP fiber optic tester for 12 and 24 position MTP’s
  • Westover Scientific Scopes
  • JDSU Uniphase Scopes
  • Norland Connect-Chek 6000
  • Optotest OP 930
  • AO Scientific Microscopes
  • Test results are available and archived on the cloud for immediate access

cable exchange jdsu



Fiber Cutting, Crimping & Preparation 

Cable Exchange sagitte laser

Sagitte Laser Cleaver

  • Sagitta Comet Automated Laser Cleavers
  • Schleuniger Cutters, Prefeeders & Coiling Bowls
  • Eubanks cutters
  • Schleuniger Crimpers
  • Branson 3500 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • EDP Performus Automatic Epoxy dispensers
  • LabCorp centrifuges
  • WEMCO Heavy Duty Multifiber De-spooler, counter & cutter
  • Corning/Omron ovens

Copper Cutting & Coiling 

Cable Exchange copper cutter

Eubanks Copper Cutter

  • Eubanks Automated Cutters
  • Schleuniger Cutters, Prefeeders & Coiling Bowls
  • Reel-O-Matic coilers and blade cutters
  • Tie Matic Automated Tie Wrap machines 

Copper Crimping & Prep 

  • AMP Champomatic
  • Lucent Avaya 525 series crimpers
  • AMP pin crimpers
  • Dual mold vertical injection molding machines
  • Eraser twisting machines 
  • Vertical 30 ton injection molding machine

Copper Testing 

  • Fluke DSP-4300 SR
  • Cami Research Cable Eye Wire Mapping machine
  • Cirrus 5000 series testers and test beds
  • Amrel connectivity testers

Labeling, Packaging and Bar-coding 

  • Hellerman Tyton TT1220 networked version label machine
  • Brady 200M
  • Gettig Engineering 7500
  • Automated Packaging Baggers & Printers
  • Air-Pouch Express 3 pouch dispensers
  • Zebra 2844 box & bag laser printers 



AutoDesk Auto Cad 2010

Cable Exchange maintains a CAD-CAM library of thousands of standard and custom drawings. Custom drawings with confidential part and drawing numbers are available upon request. Drawings are free of charge. Cable Exchange can also save and maintain your product files in a safe hard copy and on the cloud. One of latest innovations is providing test data by order number on the cloud. With use of a smart phone or tablet, you can get to critical test data in the field.